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Session Type

All sessions are offered virtually via a secure platform, using Simple Practice. This allows for greater flexibility on your end.


BOOSTER ($100):

A booster session is a 25-30-minute session.  They can be sessions conducted between regularly scheduled appointments; or, they can be used after treatment has ended, as a check-in.

STANDARD ($200/session):

These sessions are the standard 45-50 minute sessions, which often occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

THE FULL 360 ($275/session):

This session is 90-minutes long and is used most often with couple's, though individuals can also use these sessions to get deeper into the cause of the issue(s) bringing them into therapy.

Please reach out for more information on a sliding fee scale, which is available based on income.


FourRives chooses not to work with insurance panels, though we are happy to provide "superbills" for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of therapy services if your plan offers out-of-network benefits. 


Paying directly for your therapy ensures that your mental health information stays private, as insurance companies require that the details of your sessions become part of your health record. This information is used by insurance companies to determine the duration, frequency, and method of treatment, which leads they to often prescribe only a certain number of sessions based on a diagnosis. Insurance companies require your therapist to diagnose you with an illness in order for you to access your coverage-- even when a diagnosis is not medically necessary-- and they require that your symptoms stay within the bounds of that illness to maintain coverage.

FourRivers recognizes that healing is a very personal process and the goal is for you to be in control of your treatment. FourRivers also recognizes that insurance requirements, and the medical model of healthcare, can be direct sources of stigmatization and trauma for many individuals. Paying directly for your mental healthcare means that your healing does not have to be medicalized and we can work together to create a plan made just for you, with you. Diagnoses will only be given when clinically necessary (i.e. when helping you navigate gender-affirming care in the healthcare system).


Here at FourRivers, you are offered judgement-free therapy for mental and emotional healing and support, at any stage in life, and for whatever reasons are most meaningful to you.

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